Jonas Wood was born in 1977 in Boston. Wood’s paintings and works on paper display overlapping textures and disorienting compressions of space; the intimate settings invoke the work of forebears such as Matisse and Hockney, yet his distorted verdant rooms possess an affectless cut-out appearance that is all his own. In drawings, collages, watercolors, and paintings, outlines of pots and vases frame landscape and interior imagery. Drawn and painted vessels set against neutral backgrounds contain a sprawling green golf course; a coral reef with exotic fish; a lush garden; a painter’s studio, all scenes that end abruptly at the parameters of the object.

Wood’s painting are influenced by a serious engagement with art history that ranges from cubism to pop art, and are most notable for their reconsideration of the golden era of 20th century American painting, drawing comparison to artists such as Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, and Stuart Davis. Working almost exclusively from life studies, sketches and collaged mock-ups, Wood’s distinctively humble aesthetic creates a disorienting sense of space. Translating the three dimensional world to the flatness of the picture plane with concentrated faithfulness, Untitled (M.V. Landscape)’s off-kilter perspective and vivid interpretation of colour transform small town idyll into a cosmopolitan abstraction with cinematographic ambience.

Permanent collections include Museum of Modern Art, New York; Saatchi Gallery, London; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Selected solo exhibitions include Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2010); “Jonas Wood: Clippings,” Lever House, New York (2013–14); “Jonas Wood: Shelf Still Life,” High Line Art (2014); and LAXART Facade (2014).

Wood currently lives and works in Los Angeles.