A large selection of 4x6 inch and 5x7 inch color photographs take by the renowned artist and filmmaker larry clark are being offered for sale to the fans and followers of his work at club silencio for five days only. these photographs were a part of his clark’s personal archive and were printed between 1992-2010 at a commercial photo lab, the likes of which have largely disappeared since the invention of the digital camera. following his 70th birthday,in a very self reflective state of mind, he found that he was sitting on thousands of prints that he had accumulated over many years. 

The pictures document his friends and the kids he was interacting with during this period, many of whom played leading roles in his films. a large part of this collection of photographs includes outtakes from a calendar shoot for the street brand supreme, as well as many unique portraits, self portraits and various snapshots. clark decided that the best use of this material was to make it available for the many young fans of his work who could not afford his limited edition artworks. the sale has now taken place in two cities, first new york at the home alone ii gallery, then at the simon lee gallery in london. this is the third venue for the sale ; each of the sales has been attended to by clark’s friend, the artist and actor leo fitzpatrick. after the selection and purchase of the photo has been transacted, the photograph will be stamped with larry clark’s signature.